How to Make Drop-Off Easier for You and Your Child

Whether you are starting a new school or transitioning your child to a new classroom, every parent wants drop-off time to be a positive experience. After welcoming thousands of young children here at Tobin, we’d like to share our top five suggestions for a happy drop off:

  1. Be outwardly confident and happy about your child’s school day: Greet the teacher with a smile, and make sure you child sees that you think you are both ready – try not to let your child read any nervousness or discomfort from you.
  2. Talk about what to expect in a way your child can understand – and feel free to enlist your child’s teacher: If nerves start at home or on the way to school, talk about some fun things that your child will do that day (outside time, music time, seeing class animals, playing with their friends, blocks/cars/dress-up, etc.). Your child’s teacher will be happy to help come up with suggestions.
  3. Pull the band-aid off quickly: Short and sweet drop-offs really work the best. Be matter of fact about saying goodbye, and remind your child who is picking them up and when, i.e. “Grandma will be here after lunch to get you!”. This often helps ease anxiety about the unknown.
  4. Plan a goodbye ritual for you and your child: It can be whatever you want it to be (for example: come into the classroom, give two kisses and a hug, and wave through the classroom window when you drive away) – and then stick to it. Your child will quickly learn the routine, along with what they can and can’t expect at the next drop-off.
  5. Always say goodbye! You might think it would be easier to ‘sneak out’ when your child is not looking, but this can make them more nervous and anxious, and can even make them feel unsure about when you might disappear again.

Our Tobin staff is well-versed in helping you and your child transition to the school routine, and we’re happy to support you. Just let us know that you’d like some help with the goodbye. We’re also happy to check in with you later by phone or email to let you know that your child has settled in and is happily playing with friends. Rest assured that many children shed a few tears at first, but they do settle in – and following these suggestions can help make the transition a bit easier for both you and your child.

Here’s to a great start to your school year!