Westwood Children’s School Faculty:

  • Dedicated, professional educators committed to educational excellence for your children
  • 30% of our faculty have been teaching at WCS for over 15 years
  • Many of our early childhood educators hold a degree or are currently working towards an early childhood degree
  • Receives ongoing professional development (20+ hours/year of training) to stay current on:
    • new learning trends
    • classroom management techniques
    • special education topics
    • health and safety issues, and much more
  • All educators are certified in First Aid, CPR, and are epipen trained.
  • In addition to their focus on their students, our faculty is encouraged to build strong parent relationships. We are committed to strong communication with our families and stay in touch with the following:
    • Email and phone communication
    • Parent teacher conferences
    • Casual conversation in your child’s classroom at drop-off and pick-up.

We also support our work with students by incorporating additional professional resources as needed, including:

  • Certified Healthcare Consultant
  • Licensed Social Worker
  • Access to consulting professionals in many specialties