How a Small School Helps Children Learn

Having worked at Tobin for many years, I see the many advantages of our small, private setting each and every day! That’s why I’d like to share an article by Bruce O. Barker from the U.S. Dept. of Education’s Educational Resource Information Center, “The Advantages of Small Schools”. Barker describes so many of the benefits that I see every day:

  • A sense of pride, and an attitude of personal possession and involvement in the students, faculty, administrators, and parents.
  • Strong personal relationships due to a community where people know each other well. Becker writes that small schools don’t inhibit personal interaction – they encourage it!
  • Higher morale amongst students. Students in small settings are offered more opportunities to participate, lead, and to belong. As a result, there are often fewer behavior problems.
  • Teachers have the opportunity to know students as individuals and to interact more frequently with themand their families.
  • A more flexible and less bureaucratic administration. Individual decisions can be made quickly and readily by administrators who know the students and faculty.
  • A more learning-centered environment, with a strong emphasis on individual and small-group instruction.

I couldn’t agree more, and I encourage you to check out the whole article here.

I get to see first hand, each and every day, how the engaged learning, the dedicated and knowledgeable faculty, and Tobin’s small community make each learner feel valued and parents included as true partners. I’d welcome the opportunity to show you as well!

Jaclyn Bennett