Tobin Volunteer Fair on November 4th

Saturday, Nov. 4th

10 am at Tobin School Westwood

Westwood Children’s School, along with Tobin School Westwood, will be holding our annual Volunteer Fair on Saturday, November 4th, 10 am at Tobin School Westwood, 1054 High St.

What is the Volunteer Fair?

The annual Volunteer Fair is a wonderful way for your entire family to get involved in community service projects in an encouraging environment.  The children and families are involved in activities that reinforce a positive goal of giving to others in need.   This year our children will be making projects for the Westwood Senior Center and donating canned goods to the Westwood Food Pantry.  We will also be sending donations of left over Halloween Candy to “Operation Gratitude” which sends the candy over seas to our troops.
More information will follow!